Toilets are soooo 18th century…

Most of you use them everyday yet we hardly think about the importance of them. No, I am not talking about your smartphone, I am talking about your TOILET (latrine, loo, lavatory, etc…). It is one of the most important inventions of the last couple of hundred years and yet its impact is not as vast as it should be.

Toilets require water, plumbing and a sewage system - facets not easily accessible to some third world countries. So what then? ahem… (Enter Bill Gates)

Yes, the man who some say revolutionized the home computer (debate still open), has set his sites and his money where his, well ______ sits. Bill Gates has pledged $42 million in grants to set forth the wheels of innovation for Toilet 2.0 as some are calling it, in hopes of reinvigorating this human tool of tools per say and expand its reach worldwide.

Here’s an article:

I think this is great. Waste management is crucial to any civilization and instead of spreading new technology for communications and apps, perhaps this push will help in aid of the most basic of global needs.


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